In Which I Claim Some Freedom For Myself and Make It Out With My Soul Intact

by Stacey Jaros

Confession time: I let my driver's license lapse. A while ago. So long ago I'm too embarrassed to mention it here. I didn't have a car when it was time for renewal and getting to the DMV seemed like an impossible hurdle. Since Jeff and I now have a car, I need to be able to drive (legally) for emergencies, if nothing else. I still love that I can conveniently walk and take public transit. I walked to BART when I was finished atu the DMV.

I look forward to being the Designated Driver when out with Jeff and other friends who've given me that gift while I haven't been driving. I also look forward to sharing the chore on road trips (Jeff & I are over-due for a long weekend getaway). It will also be great to visit Mom at her place, or meet up with her in Pleasanton, which is much easier with our car.

It took three full hours in a crowded DMV but what a relief. For the record, every employee was courteous and as efficient as they could be given their workload. A nearby office is closed for remodeling so this one has an extra load. I'm so happy I did it. Well, I will be until I see my crappy photo.