Upon Reflection

by Stacey Jaros

One of the first things I did in 2016 was write "2017" on a check. A work check. And I mailed it to the client. It's like my subconscious was saying, "you're gonna wanna skip this one." Yes this year was emotionally difficult. Sometimes it felt impossible to catch my breath before the next wave hit. Upon reflection I enjoyed many gifts this year.

My little home and family had a pretty good year. I was hardly ever unwell (really rare for me). We had a fun long weekend with friends and family at the occasion on my high school 30 year reunion. I attended lots of comedy shows and some cool concerts (including U2, and 2 Prince shows). I "discovered" Hamilton. My husband and some friends of ours created an episodic "do-it-yourself" show. Have a look at one of my favorite episodes if you'd like.

I'm not sorry to see 2016 behind me, and I believe 2017 will be challenging, but I'm ready for what's next.